Coming to our Outdoor Sunday Service

Here is what you need to know should you plan to join us for worship:

  • Only the Preschool playground will be open and accessible Sunday morning. All buildings will be closed. Additionally, drinking fountains will not be accessible. You are free to bring their own water/coffee but please clean up after yourselves.
  • We will use the gate by Dodson Hall as an entrance only.
  • We will use the gate closest to the worship center as the exit (except in the case of those who must utilize a wheelchair).
  • No bulletins or flyers will be passed out, there will be no Bibles, Communication Cards, Pens, or Offering Envelopes available. Additionally, we will not be accepting offerings during the service.
  • Please continue to give online or mail your offering to the church office.
  • The restrooms will be closed.

Please Maintain Social Distancing of 6 feet at all times while on campus:

  • You must bring your own chairs or blankets to sit on.
  • There will be designated places for you to sit with your family to ensure we have enough space between people. Please do not congregate on the grass or in the parking lot with those not in their household.
  • Gates will open 15 minutes prior to the service. Services will last 1 hour and the gates will be closed and secured 15 minutes following the service.
  • Children should remain in the care of those in their families at all times. The play structure will not be accessible and will be wrapped with caution tape.
  • Please do not shake hands, hug, or engage in any other physical greetings with those outside their families.

Face Coverings are strongly recommended for all attendees:

  • The state is now requiring face coverings in all indoor public spaces. They are recommended even outside when it is not possible to maintain a strict 6 feet of social distancing.
  • In the event someone does not have a face covering and wants one, one will be provided at the entrance gate.

Wellness Checks:

  • All attendees should screen yourselves at home (take temperature, review personal symptoms, etc.). Anyone experiencing symptoms or anyone in their home experiencing symptoms should stay home.
  • At the entrance, there will be an A-Frame sign with a Wellness Self-Assessment before the person enters. No questions will be asked. Walking past the sign is an acknowledgment that you are not knowingly putting anyone at risk.

What will happen if someone informs North Hills they have tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a North Hills service?

  • We are following all regulations and guidelines related to healthcare reporting COVID-19 exposure while still respecting the privacy of those affected.
  • In the event that a verified exposure event is reported within the first 48 hours of our in-person service, we will cancel all in-person services for at least 2 Sundays.