Taglish Life Group (Glen Cove)

TagLish is a group of Christian believers mainly of Filipino heritage, but is inclusive and welcoming of others who want to fellowship. As the group name implies, “Tag” is short for Tagalog language, while “Lish” is for English. Culturally, Filipinos love to converse in Tagalog while fellowshipping, hence it is encourage during our study, especially when praying! We believe that a Prayer just sounds unique and beautiful, almost melodic to hear in Tagalog. Somehow it just makes one feel being drawn closer to God. But don’t get me wrong, most couldn’t help but speak in English… for after all, it is the language that everyone can speak and understand. Yes, not all are versatile in Tagalog because the Philippines has hundreds of dialects. Taglish LG at present, is comprised of mostly Filipinos, 2 Thais and 1 Caucasian. We range in age from 45 years and above, all in different stage of their respective journey of faith. This, I believe, makes for a diverse and interesting perspective during our discussion studies.

Current Study: “ALIVE” - how the resurrection of Christ changes everything by Gabe Fluhrer

Did Jesus Christ really rise from the grave? The credibility of the Christian faith rests on this claim, and Jesus’ own disciples laid down their lives to defend it. However, the resurrection of Christ is often dismissed as fantasy by those who assume that miracles are a scientific impossibility. Is faith in the empty tomb nothing more than blind belief? In Alive: How the Resurrection of Christ Changes Everything, Dr. Gabe Fluhrer demonstrates that Jesus’ defeat of the grave is no mere myth—it is a historic reality supported by overwhelming evidence. To deny Christ’s resurrection is an indefensible position, but by God’s grace, to embrace the reality of the risen Lord is to have our lives changed forever.

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Taglish Life Group will be taking a break. We will resume soon.