Prayer Drive-Thru

August 15, 2021

The North Hills Christian School and Preschools ministries are an integral part of our overall missions and ministry the Vallejo and the surrounding communities. Thank you for your support for those ministries today as you pray for this school year.

There are numbered stops along the campus route. They correspond to the prayer requests listed here, but of course pray as the Holy Spirit leads you as you go around the campus.

  • Pray for the families of NHCS students
    • Family health and health protection
    • Transportation ministry for those coming from other communities
    • Restarting sports ministry
  • Pray for the preschool
    • Teaching God’s Word
    • Health and safety
    • Protection
  • Pray for the Middle School
    • Students will hear the message of Jesus
    • New students will feel loved and welcomed
    • Wisdom for teachers
  • Pray for the High School
    • For new students
    • Spiritual growth and leadership among the students
    • Bible/school conference in September that will be taking place instead of Fall Retreat
  • Pray for the staff
    • Pray for the administration
    • Prayer for wisdom with the many policy changes that occur between the government and the school due to COVID-19
    • Pray for the teachers
    • Pray for the support staff, aides and substitutes
    • That all the staff might be led by God and have a sense of His leadership in all aspects of the educational program
  • Pray for the Elementary School
    • That they may touch lives for the kingdom
    • That the children might lead their parents to faith in Jesus
  • For our Church family to join in supporting the school ministry this year
    • North Hills be a beacon of Gods light to the city of Vallejo and the world
    • Prayer for future international students when the doors open again

Serving Him together,

The Mission Team