About Us – North Hills Organization

North Hills Organizational Leadership

North Hills (NH) is a non-profit ministry organization centered around the work of the local Church with the vision of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with a lost and dying world. As a church, our organizational structure is determined by the congregation of believers who are active members of NH. The Church congregation decides who is placed in strategic leadership positions, both paid and volunteer.

The Leadership Team serves as a “Board of Directors” for the organization and is populated by the . . .

  • Senior Executive Pastor
  • The Congregational Pastor
  • The Chairman of the Deacons
  • The NH Treasurer
  • The Chair of the Personnel Team
  • The Chair of the School Board
  • The Chair of the Strategy Team

The Management Team is approved by the Congregation and serves as the day-to-day operators of the ministry of North Hills. The Management Team includes . .

Daniel Barrett

Daniel Barrett Senior Executive Pastor

James Watson

James Watson Congregational Pastor

Paula Prentice

Paula Prentice Administrator of Campus Operations

Kelly DeSilva

Kelly DeSilva Business Manager

Florence Wright

Florence Wright K-12 Grade Superintendent

Lu Parinas

Lu Parinas Preschool Director