College and Career

CNC (College and Career) is a ministry at North Hills seeking to channel their energy into a time of fellowship. This fellowship results in more effective service to one another, the church, the community, and most importantly, our Lord Jesus Christ. High school graduates, college students, and young persons already pursuing careers are welcome, whether single or married.

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Click the Zoom link HERE to join us this Sunday at 9 AM as we go through the study The Real Heaven by Chip Ingram.

Heaven has received a lot of attention in recent years as bestselling books and movies have told the stories of people who claim to have been there. But what does the Bible actually say about heaven? What difference does it make? What happens the moment after we die? What will our relationships be like in heaven?

Chip Ingram sets aside the hype and myths and digs into the Scriptures to discover what God actually wants us to know about the hereafter. Most importantly, Ingram shows why our understanding of heaven matters now, in this life. Because what we believe about heaven actually affects us today in ways we may not have imagined.

CNC Women Life Group

Click the Zoom link HERE to join us every other Tuesday night at 6:30 PM as we go through the study, Women of Wisdom. This in-depth guide helps women discover how to make wise choices by applying the principles of Proverbs to the issues we face today.

  • Currently taking a break, will resume soon!

CNC Life Group

Join us on Zoom.

  • January 6

CNC and Fusion Prayer Night

  • Details coming soon