College and Career

CNC (College and Career) is a ministry at North Hills seeking to channel their energy into a time of fellowship. This fellowship results in more effective service to one another, the church, the community, and most importantly, our Lord Jesus Christ. High school graduates, college students, and young persons already pursuing careers are welcome, whether single or married.

Sunday Morning Bible Study

  • Current study: The Beginner's Guide to Predicting Your Future
    • You can fix a dent in your car and it will look as good as new. You can upgrade a shattered phone and never think twice about the older model. But when it comes to personal problems—relational, financial, professional, or otherwise—there are no quick fixes or fresh starts. The memories, the lost potential, the hurt and regret . . . they linger. If only you could have seen them coming. If only you could have avoided them. Well, you can. In this four-part series, Andy Stanley reveals one simple principle—taken from a 2,000-year-old parable—that will predict your future so you can change it before it’s too late.
  • Click the Zoom link HERE to join us this Sunday at 9 AM.

CNC Life Group

  • Click the Zoom link HERE to join us the first Friday night of every month at 6:30 PM (2/5).

CNC Women Life Group

  • Click the Zoom link HERE to join us every other Tuesday night at 6:30 PM (meets next in February).